Bombay Pav Bhaji Making | Street Food India


Bombay Pav Bhaji Making.

Bombay Pav bhaji one favourite of one and all. It has derived its name from Marathi language, “pav” means a soft and spongy bread made from flour and “bhaji” means a curry made from vegetables. Both together makes everyone mouthwatering. This delicious pav bhaji is a very famous street food in entire Maharashtra as well as in other Indian cities is well.

In India pav bhaji is very well known as a fast food dish and it is exclusively available in almost every cities of India, it is also one of the most Indian restaurant seller street food dish is well. It is usually served a curry made from vegetables and pav a soft Indian bread with a salad which consists of raw onion, tomatoes and lemon.

If we talk about the history of pav bhaji then it is originated in 1850 as a fast lunchtime dish in Maharashtra and later served at almost every restaurants throughout the city. For more Indian cooking videos check out the link.